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Smart inhalers that
make remote asthma
care a reality

Integrate smart inhalers and patient monitoring solutions into your own systems today
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Let’s make telemedicine
for asthma possible

FindAir System is a set of tools for cooperation between patient and doctor that enhances every remote consultation. Data collected by the patient is shared with the doctor, so that they can work together towards the better care

Ready made Smart Inhaler Technology for real-time patient insights

Automatically track every inhaler usage and gather data about your patients asthma control levels - no matter when and where.


Quick to launch asthma monitoring software for patients & doctors

Get started with a full software toolkit for asthma monitoring system. Fast to implement and effortless to handle.


Seamless integrations for scalable systems with full technical support

Skip complex integrations - our solutions work without costly implementation and are fully customizable to meet your needs.

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Reliable technology tested in real-world situations
Over 10,000 people around the world use FindAir solutions to manage their asthma better
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Asthma care made simple
and more accurate
than ever before

Our solutions work together to cover every aspect of asthma theraphy and to make it as seemless and convenient as possible

Keep it simple for patients to engage in the therapy

FindAir sensors constantly collect data about every drug usage regarding the number of dosages, location and time. All to provide more accurate treatment and improve patients adherence.

Let your patients always feel safe with continuous monitoring

FindAir app provides patients with daily medication reminders, overview of the treatment progress and suggestions of their main asthma triggers to encourage them to get involved in the therapy.

That’s true, during last days i have used my inhaler o lot. I will come...
Dr. Kathrine McConwec
I see that in the last days your asthma is getting hard to man...

Provide care exactly when it is needed with constant access to patients

Online platform allows doctor to monitor patients remotely and call for visits only those who need additional tests or require personal intervention. Precise data will allow to reduce the number of unexpected exacerbations and remotely change the assigned treatment if needed.

Case Studies

Comprehensive implemention of FindAir IoT Connectivity Solutions into Sanity product line together with Albert Polska Sp. z o.o.

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