Enjoy your freedom
without asthma symptoms

Learn and understand what's causing your attacks in your environment and reduce the number of unexpected symptoms.
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The life without asthma symptoms is possible

Understand your asthma and learn about the dangerous triggers in your environment. With FindAir solution, you can reduce the number of unexpected symptoms and find out what is behind your asthma attack


Monitor your medication and treatment advances. Receive current information on risks emerging in your surrounding and receive reminders about regularly taken medicines.


Receive personalized analyses that take into account your treatment history and ambient conditions around you. Use hints developed in collaboration with leading European pulmonologists.


Collaborate with your doctor and generate reports on the course of your asthma treatment. Easily provide him/her with all the information so that he/she can give you a reliable diagnosis and plan an effective treatment.


FindAir System

The FindAir system is a combination of the FindAir ONE device, the mobile app FindAir - Asthma diary for asthmatics and a platform for doctors. These unique tools, supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, form together an extremely effective system for controlling asthma and managing the entire treatment process.

FindAir System

Asthma Diary

Free mobile app that allows you to collect data about your treatment, reminds you of taking medication and gives you insight into current information about the risks in the surrounding area.
FindAir System

FindAir ONE

FindAir ONE is a smart inhaler add-on that collects information on dosing and ambient environmental conditions during each drug use.
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FindAir System

Doctors Platform

A physician platform that allows you to generate reports with patient results. It allows conducting treatment based on reliable data about the patient's asthma history. It's an irreplaceable tool for cooperation between the patient and the doctor.
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Companies like FindAir have a chance to change our everyday life for better

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FindAir ONE

FindAir for you

Sign-up for FindAir ONE! Download the "FindAir - Asthma diary" app and subscribe to receive the latest information about FindAir ONE. In the meantime, you can monitor your treatment using the many functionalities of the Asthma Diary app.

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Doctors Platform

FindAir for doctors

The FindAir platform enables effective asthma therapy based on reliable data. Finally, all the information about the key aspects of the treatment are available in one click in a convenient and practical form.

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The FindAir system is an award-winning, smart tool for monitoring asthma. Download the app and start controlling your asthma today!


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