Artificial Intelligence system for asthma exacerbations predictions & prevention

What is AsthmaAI?

AsthmaAI is an Artificial Intelligence system created by FindAir to support users in data analysis and decision making. It uses data gathered by FindAir monitoring system, which are processed by a number of methods in the field of machine learning and statistical analysis. The aim of the system is identification of the main factor triggering patients asthma attacks and real-time predictions of asthma and COPD exacerbations.

Interested in smart inhaler solutions?

Read about the development of our smart inhaler solution - FindAir ONE. The smart sensor that makes an asthma inhaler a source of unique information. It helps to reduce the number of unexpected symptoms and lets the users find out what is behind their asthma attack.

Partner with us to explore the potential of AsthmaAI

The goal of the AsthmaAI project is to design a system that supports patients in everyday struggles and to informs doctors what to look for in more difficult cases. We are open for cooperation with pharmaceutical, med-tech and research partners to explore the potential of our algorithms in the commercial field.

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