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A smart system for remote monitoring of asthma attacks among schoolchildren
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What does FindAir Care do?

FindAir will give you the confidence,

that your child's asthma is under control when you are not around

The FindAir Care system allows you to access information about your child's asthma that has not been available before. This will enable you to control the exacerbations, maintain the regularity of taking regular medicines and stay calm while your child is at school, playing in the backyard or doing any sports activities.

Real-time information on asthma exacerbations

Automatic asthma diary

Reports for the physician on the course of therapy

Helping with better therapy

This solution is very useful. I was shocked about how my son is overusing the rescue inhaler. Thanks to this we went to the doctor and the treatment was changed. We are now much better.

Mom of Jacob (11-years-old)


People have trusted the FindAir System to help their asthma management

How it works?

Unique combination of innovative solutions brought together for your child's safety

FindAir Care system works by combining a specially developed sensor in the form of an inhaler cap - FindAir ONE, a mobile app and special algorithms. The combination of these components made it possible, to develop a system that monitors asthma attacks and enables more effective therapy based on obtained information

Easy to use

Place a cap on your child's inhaler, the one which he or she uses in case of asthma attacks. This will enable you to collect information about any exacerbations that will occur.

In real time

When a child at school uses an inhaler, the cap will send this information to the smartphone. The app will record it in the system and will notify you about the exacerbation.

SMS about an asthma attack

You will receive a text message with information about the exacerbation of your child's asthma with the exact time and number of inhaler usages.

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Monitor your child's asthma with FindAir Care
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Take care of your child's asthma with FindAir Care,

so they can keep the focus on what's most important.

The FindAir system not only keeps track of asthma exacerbations but also gives tips and guidance on how to avoid them in the future. This will help your child to approach their symptoms with awareness. This will give your childreen control over sudden asthma attacks and allow them to focus on what is most important for them.

Developed in collaboration with leading European pulmonologists

The FindAir system was developed in cooperation with leading specialists in the field of asthma in Europe. The experience of the best specialists with many years of medical practice, combined with modern technologies, allowed us to develop a system monitoring for asthma exacerbations, as well as a complete system to support asthma treatment.

All the information about your child's asthma in a single place

Get access to all information about the course of asthma in recent weeks and months. Keep track of your child's asthma symptoms on your smartphone. And during your next doctor's visit, show the results of your therapy with a detailed report.

Location of the inhaler

Set notifications that will remind your child not to forget their inhaler from home when leaving for school.

Notifications about exacerbations

Receive information about the occurrence of asthma exacerbations in the form of a SMS text message.

Medication reminders

he system will help to remember to keep on schedule for all regular medications. This will reduce unnecessary attacks and maintain good symptom control.


Have access to all historical information and summaries about your child's inhaler uses in an easy and intuitive way.

Asthma Control level

Find out what an asthma control level is, monitor it weekly, and get to know how can you improve it over time.


Discuss all collected data with your doctor by downloading or printing, an easy to use, PDF report.

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control your child's asthma with FindAir Care
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FindAir Care System + FindAir ONE Device
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Frequently Asked Questions

What medications does FindAir ONE work with?

FindAir ONE can be attached to most round bottle aerosol medication. If you have any doubts whether the cap will work on your medicine, check the list of supported drugs here

Note: If your medicine is not on the list of supported drugs, please write to

Does my child need a smartphone to use the system?

In order for the system to work properly, you need an Android smartphone with Internet access and Bluetooth connection.

What do I do if the battery in the FindAir ONE is discharged?

The battery in the FindAir ONE device will last for as long as you have access to FindAir Care System, which is 12 months. After that time, a new FindAir ONE device will be sent along with the extension of your access to the FindAir system.

How can a doctor see the report?

FindAir reports can be generated in the application as a PDF file, which can then be sent or printed for supporting medical consultation. Doctors who are part of the FindAir Partner Program have access to a special platform that allows them to view reports online.

Can I resign from contacting my doctor thanks to FindAir System?

Consultations with the doctor are the most important part of the therapy and should not be abandoned in any circumstances. The FindAir system has an informative and educational character and is not a tool for independent treatment.

Does the system also work on iPhone?

Currently, in order for the system to work properly, it is required that the child has an Android phone. The version of FindAir Care running on iOS (iPhone) will be available soon.