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How do
Smart inhalers

Learn how smart inhaler add-ons work, and what opportunities for asthma & COPD care they provide.
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Working with
Smart inhalers
is simple

Smart inhaler add-ons are medical devices that gather comprehensive data about every usage of inhalers. They use Bluetooth to send information to the application on the phone, which in return provides doctors or researchers with insights about asthma & COPD for better treatment.

Put smart device on your inhaler
Link device with app on your phone
Use inhaler like before and collect data
Get acurate treatment based on precise data

What kind of data do smart inhalers collect?

Smart inhalers collect comprehensive data about every medication usage. Among others, it includes:

  • Medication Usages
  • Asthma Attacks occurrence
  • Weather conditions on inhaler use
  • Medication adherence
  • Exacerbation periods
  • Long term trends and statistics

How can data from smart inhalers be used?

Data from smart inhalers improves various aspects of traditional asthma & COPD care and provides opportunities for new innovative solutions:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Real-time patient screening
  • Asthma exacerbations predictions
  • Modification of asthma & COPD therapy
  • Remote treatment adjustments
  • Automated asthma & COPD research
  • Comprehensive patient asthma & COPD history

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