Dominika was one of the participants in the asthma control evaluation program conducted among asthma patients in Poland organized by FindAir. During the program, she agreed to talk about her experience with the FindAir system and how it has influenced his asthma control.

Better asthma control

Controlling asthma can sometimes be very problematic, especially when you have a lot of responsibilities. Situations, when asthmatics need to take bronchodilator medication, are generally very stressful. Some people cannot remember how many doses they have taken because it is simply not possible. In life-threatening situations, taking medication is the most important thing. However, in order to control your asthma, you need to remember the circumstances of the flare-up, as well as the dose. This can often be cumbersome, but the FindAir system can help.

I really admire people who are able to remember all the circumstances of their exacerbation. When it happened and what dose of medication was taken. Personally, I never remember that, and thanks to the app and the device, everything records itself. Through this, I am able to tell during a consultation with my doctor exactly when and under what circumstances the attack occurred. Medication reminders in the app are ideal for parents and busy people.

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