Piotr was one of the participants in the asthma control evaluation program conducted among asthma patients in Poland organized by FindAir. During the program, he agreed to talk about his experience with the FindAir system and how it has influenced his asthma control.

Medication problem

It is very easy to forget about taking medications in the morning while I am getting ready for work. Then the whole day I wonder whether i took the medications or not. Sometimes because of it I may accidentally take more than the recommended dose. In the treatment of asthma, self-discipline is crucial because the patient must be systematic when it comes to taking medications. This can be problematic because at any given time, people with asthma may feel unwell and won’t think about when and how many doses of the medication they are taking.

The app reminds me everyday that I need to take my medication, so I get up and take it. I don’t have to write it down somewhere on a piece of paper whether I took it or not, because if I need to, I can go back to the app and check. The device and the app are a big help, and if the doctor is also involved it is perfect.

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