Unlimited access to data

Consistent access to good quality, affordable, and appropriate health products is a significant need of today’s society. They aim to provide universal health care, respond to health emergencies, and promote a healthier lifestyle. It is widely believed that the production and analysis of massive data volumes will revolutionize many industries. Due to the speed of data transfer, we are able to develop technology-based societies and react faster to the world around us.

Key sources and devices

Integrating big data can provide new insights and increase innovation in products and services. Integrated data brings innovation to clinical data by providing information on device performance and establishing alert systems for patients. In the case of FindAir, for example, users can record all information about the use of an emergency medication with a smart inhaler – FindAir ONE. All relevant data is recorded and stored in the FindAir app, which acts as a mobile diary that also reminds people about their medication.

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The need for health monitoring

The vast majority of patients demand the portability of health monitoring solutions. Therefore, the use of portable and mobile medical devices will continue to increase. In addition, the quality and range of data are constantly increasing which makes individualized treatments for patients possible. Data integration is critical to the success of healthcare. The use of massive data sets can help prevent disease, reduce missed diagnoses and provide more personalized care, at a lower cost.

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