What is an Innovator Małopolski?

Since 2016 the awards have been given in 7 specializations: life science, information and communication technologies, chemistry, production of metals and metal products and non-metallic mineral products, sustainable energy, creative industries, electronics and machine, and leisure industry.

To participate in the competition, several formal criteria must be met. This includes the company’s membership in the SME sector and registration in Krakow. However, most importantly the company must develop an innovative product, service, or technology. The 2018 event took place at the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. The 12th edition of “Innovator of Małopolska” was entered by 37 companies, from which the competition’s chapter selected the winners. Award were given in four categories: startup, micro, small and medium-sized companies.

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In the startup category, the most innovative company of the region was awarded to FindAir, which presented a product, i.e. intelligent inhaler sensor for asthmatics. This system collects all the relevant information about a patient’s condition, and the medicines they are taking. In addition, companies such as Mofema, Danrob, and Intermag were awarded.

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