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In the spring, a nationwide debate was held to launch UPC’s Digital Imagination Challenge program. The initiative was created to select digital solutions that would address fundamental social challenges in Poland. Internet users decided that this year’s event will focus on finding answers to social challenges that are related to career choice, health monitoring, and smart living, i.e. solutions that improve everyday life. All of these categories refer to the current situation in society. The changes occurring in the market force us to constantly look for new ideas for ourselves and our careers. The migration of young people and the aging population urge to create telemedicine solutions.

Eliminations, process, and selection

Six finalists were selected from all the entries in November: Mobline DNA Analysis Lab Nexbio, Kodology, StethoMe, AudioMovie, Cycle, and FindAir. The selected companies participated in workshops where they worked on presenting their solutions at the competition finale. Each finalist had 8 minutes to present their idea in front of the jury and another 3 minutes for questions. The jury consisted of representatives of the scientific community, business and technology, and startups. Submissions were evaluated mainly in terms of positive social impact, but also terms of readiness for implementation. The final gala of the UPC – Digital Imagination Challenge was held in December, during which the winners were announced.

Source: Libert Global Fot: Alicja Wroblewska - blackshadowstudio
Source: Libert Global Fot: Alicja Wroblewska – blackshadowstudio

Raed more: The app reminds me everyday that I need to take my medication, so I get up and take it.

Announcement of winners

Three winners were announced at the final gala in December. Companies such as Nexbio and AudioMovie were on the podium, and a special award went to Virtual Dream. But the winner of this year’s event was FindAir, provider of smart solutions to support asthmatics. The FindAir ONE device allows for monitoring of the progress of therapy. In addition to this, the device teaches users to recognize the causes of exacerbations and alerts about possible risks. What is more, its functions allow for the mapping of areas of the city that could be a potential threat.

We are very happy that our idea has been recognized as a solution responding to the most important social challenges in Poland. This success will make it possible for us to continue developing our product and reach a larger group of FindAir users. We hope that this will increase the awareness about asthma and solutions that help eliminate the limitations associated with it.

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