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FindAir wins both contests at Infoshare 2017

November 30, 2017
Infoshare is a technology and startup conference organized by Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Foundation. The event is held periodically every year and is one of the largest in the CEE region. It brings together thousands of people who show a desire to gain knowledge and grow. Infoshare is a perfect place to share your story and find a way to implement your ideas.

Competitions at the event

In 2017 Infoshare there were two main competitions for startups. The first one — Digital Health Hackathon was focused on one industry. It aimed to help participants present new technologies as well as facilitate collaboration between SMEs and ICT (information and communication technologies) industry stakeholders. 

The second competition was the Infoshare Startup Contest. In this case, there was no restriction to a specific industry but the competition was open only to companies that were working on MVP (minimum valuable product) or already have a ready product to present. Apart from the already mentioned contests, it was possible to participate in various conferences, during which experts in a given field shared their experiences and knowledge.

fot. InforShare
fot. InforShare

What did we gain from attending Infoshare 2017?

More than 200 companies from over 20 different countries participated in the competitions. This year, the idea presented by FindAir was recognized as the most innovative and won in both contests. It is especially outstanding as such a situation has never happened before. Our innovation combines well-known and popular technology, such as applications for smartphones or connectable sensors that result in something completely new, practical, and valuable in everyday life for people struggling with asthma. 

We are happy that our ideas and work were appreciated. Thanks to the participation in the Infoshare 2017 event we received significant support. It will allow us to improve the fundamental components of the project and finalize the work on the product.

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