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Sanity shortcut to embrace IoT connectivity with FindAir

Learn about FindAir cooperation with Sanity and how it developed new and innovative products

FindAir Cooperation with Sanity started as a result of our participation in Accelerator IDEA Global project. The project’s main goal is to organize a field for successful cooperation between large corporations and innovative companies. Currently, it is the largest such program in Central and Eastern Europe.

In the line with project specifications, the cooperation with Albert began in June 2020 and is in progress till today.

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Partnership Goals with Sanity

The main goal of cooperation with Sanity was the implementation of Bluetooth technology into their medical devices, along with software for users. The specifications of the project exposed a number of significant technological challenges. They were associated with unique standards of Bluetooth connection and the establishment of an intuitive system for its users.

Satisfying Results

In the span of 6 months, FindAir was able to address the presented challenges. The project resulted in a successful introduction of 5 complete medical devices that had fully operational Bluetooth connection systems.

The effectiveness and complimentary fulfillment of the project requirements allowed for the continuation of FindAir cooperation with Sanity. Currently, we work on the implementation of new Bluetooth devices that are to be added to Sanity offer in the near future.

Goals achived with FindAir

Customised software development
Bluetooth conection system for medical devices
Connection of multiple devices
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Sanity- Albert Polska

Sanity is a house brand of Albert Poland — a company that provides highly specialized medical products, rehabilitation equipment and specialized cosmetics. Sanity is a well established brand, that is present on Polish market for more than 20 years. It is renowned for high quality products that are used in diagnostics, rehabilitation and everyday care. Sanity is one of the leading producers of such equipment, with many years of experience and a wide range of offered components. All this makes Sanity products popular among medical facilities and individual patients alike.

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