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FindAir ONE
add-on sensors

An essential tool for remote asthma care and medical data gathering
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Revolution in asthma care
that fits on an inhaler’s tip

FindAir ONE device is an inhaler add-on that gathers data about every usage of asthma medication — complete with time, environment, and circumstances of every exacerbation.

Connects with
the app
Inside memory
store data
Constant connection with a device
Multidevice connectability

Data collection made seamless & easy

FindAir ONE collects data automatically, without putting any additional effort on patients.

No charging — one year no worries
Ready to use and maintenance-free
Collects data even without a smartphone

Ready to meet your standards

FindAir ONE  meets all high requirements of medical device, making it suitable for use in hospitals and clinics.

Suitable for 90% of pMDI inhalers
CE marked medical device
Made of medical grade materials

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