FindAir Asthma Diary app for digital care

Provide a revolutionary asthma care with software that makes smart inhalers shine
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Asthma insights from patient to doctor in seconds

FindAir App receives and analyses information from FindAir ONE sensor, to sent it to a doctor’s platform. The whole process is instant and completely seamless for the patient.

Quick and simple
to start
Enables easy contact with patient
Receives and transfers data to doctor
Helps in symptom monitoring

Patients safety & engagement improved

Using data from sensor, FindAir App predicts and warns about possible threats to ensure maximum patient safety.

Real time excerbation warnings
Inhaler location tracking
Medication intake monitoring

Medication adherance monitoring made easy

Alongside with analising data from sensor, our app provides a variety of functionalities to help patients  improve their involvment in the therapy.

Reminders about medications
Information about asthma control level
Records inhaler usages and triggers

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