Katarzyna was one of the participants in the asthma control evaluation program conducted among asthma patients in Poland organized by FindAir. During the program, she agreed to talk about her experience with the FindAir system and how it has influenced his asthma control.

Impact of the environment

Smog, as well as other air pollutants, significantly affect the quality of life for people who struggle with asthma. Frequent exposure to areas with poor air quality can contribute to, among other things, increased frequency of asthma attacks, impaired physical activity and overall functioning.

Because I live in a highly polluted area I would say that the possibility to check information about the air quality in the area is the most helpful feature. The big upside is that I have all the information in one place and don’t have to use multiple applications. I’m sure that an app like that is very useful for everyone who lives in a polluted area.

 Asthmatics very often use apps that allow them to check the levels of air pollution around their area. They also use the app that allows them to manually record the usages of rescue medications. When multiple apps are involved the whole process becomes quite problematic and this may in turn lead to inaccurate recording of data

The app lets me know when I use my inhalations most often and also reminds me of other medications I need to take. If I had to point out the most valuable feature, it would be the medication reminders. Undoubtedly, the way all the important information is gathered in the app can make visits to the doctor more efficient. Given that such consultations take place rarely, usually once every three months, it is worth knowing what happened before in order to present this information to the doctor. The app shows this information, e.g. in the form of a chart which makes it unnecessary to remember it all yourself.

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