Why is IoMT so necessary?

IoMT combines features of the digital and also physical worlds to enable real-time monitoring and modification of patient behavior. IoMT generates intelligent and measurable information that increases the speed and accuracy of diagnosis. With this data, doctors will be able to target treatment more efficiently and effectively. It allows for increased control of chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, or hypertension. The growing development in wireless technology is resulting in greater innovation in medical technology. This, in turn, leads to the creation of medical devices that are capable of generating, collecting, analyzing, and transmitting data.

Healthcare reforms through digitization and IoMT

The ever-increasing digitalization process is a determinant of the success of a discussed solution. It affects the advancement of continuity of care, the promotion of health improvement, and the prevention of diseases. IoMT strongly influences the decision to reform healthcare systems and transform them into new models, i.e. patient-centered care. This means moving away from systems centered on large facilities and hospitals but instead moving towards those more local in integrated care organizations. In addition to these already mentioned, we can identify seven main areas that IoMT is impacting in healthcare:

  • Better medication management,
  • Lower costs,
  • Remote monitoring of chronic diseases,
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment,
  • Better diseases management.

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Example of IoMT System

Chronic diseases usually require constant monitoring. Therefore, many solutions on the market aim to help patients in their everyday health management. As one of the most common chronic diseases, asthma requires strict medication adherence and monitoring. The solution proposed by FindAir – a remote monitoring system that consists of the FindAir ONE device and the application. The device is attached to the inhaler and automatically records each use, including the number of doses, place, circumstances, and location in real-time. All data is sent to the application in which is easily accessible at any time. This solution responds to current needs and can significantly improve the treatment and functioning of people with asthma.

The future with the use of IoMT

In the future, secure and easily analyzable data will be a key driver of digital transformation. Internet of medical things will play a fundamental role in moving away from the old healthcare system and to new models such as value-based healthcare, real-world evidence, or population health management (PHM). In conclusion, medtech companies and IoMT will increasingly leverage their potential to connect patients, providers, and payers to focus all attention on the patient, and increase cost-effective productivity.

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