Małgorzata was one of the participants in the asthma control evaluation program conducted among asthma patients in Poland organized by FindAir. During the program, she agreed to talk about her experience with the FindAir system and how it has influenced her asthma control.

Living in a lot of haste, when you have asthma

I live in a lot of haste, so very often I forget to take my medication or I think that I have already taken it. Thanks to the device and application I started to take my medications regularly. I think that Information about the low level of medication is very convenient. I also believe that this method of collecting data about asthma may be very helpful for both patient and the doctor. Very often patients don’t remember what dosages of medication they took and when it happened.

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Important information for people with asthma.

Application is designed in a way to provide important information for people with asthma.

I would highly recommend both the device and app to everyone that lives in hurry and lacks time to always remember about taking their medications.

 I would also recommend it to anyone who is under constant doctor’s care. FindAir system makes it easy to systematize medication intake, but also helps when it comes to giving information about asthma to your doctor 

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