How do mobile solutions help patients?

Mobile solutions help both physicians and patients. They improve the quality of care and provide access to critical resources related to health care. Among the most common mobile health solutions, we can include:

  • Mobile Data Tracking – there are numerous apps in this category, they usually track health data such as body temp or pulse. Such data may be very useful for doctors as it helps with quick diagnosis and identification of life-threatening changes,
  • Online consultations – in-person visits can be replaced with remote consultations to save time on traveling and waiting for an appointment,
  • Portable devices – werable medical devices such as smartwatches and smart inhalers are becoming an increasingly integral part of everyone’s lives. They provide advanced data that can easily be transferred to a doctor, even in real-time.

Through mobile health apps, patients are provided with necessary solutions, expert knowledge and come into possession of educational resources. Such apps promote a healthy lifestyle and help in learning regularity, which is crucial in the treatment of chronic diseases such as asthma.

The precise approach to diagnosis and patient

Physical examinations are not always necessary, in some cases a phone call alone can help solve the problem. Proper assessment of necessary responses can generate time savings for both doctors and patients. In such cases, the use of mobile solutions i.e devices or apps that allow you to see reports about the patient’s health. This enables quick and correct decisions in emergencies. Smart solutions certainly streamline processes for healthcare professionals. Now, healthcare workers can have access to all relevant information and data, given the amount available in the market today, which allows them to monitor patients remotely. For example, the FindAir application and the FindAir ONE device make it possible to easily follow doctor’s instructions and to send reports about adherence to improve the therapy adjustment.

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Mobile devices and apps are some of the most powerful tools available today. They can store a lot of information and are equipped with useful features that help to protect and improve our health.

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